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About Björn N.P. Paulsson, Ph.D.


Björn N.P. Paulsson, Ph.D., President and CEO of Paulsson, Inc.

Founder of two  seismic service companies offering ranges of borehole seismic services primarily to the oil and gas industry. Extensive experience organizing and managing large multi-company research projects. Strong scientific experimental background. Author of and contributor to numerous technical papers. International academic qualifications. Inventor of equipment for borehole seismology. Author of eight patents.

More than 32 years of experience with Advanced Borehole Seismology. Started the borehole seismic research program for US Dep. of Energy for site characterization for nuclear waste storage. Started Chevron’s borehole seismic research program. Organizer of many conferences.

President & CEO, 4/2009 – Present, Paulsson, Inc. Formed Paulsson, Inc. to continue to work in the field of Advanced Borehole Seismology. 

President & CEO, 3/97 – 4/2009, Paulsson Geophysical Services, Inc. (P/GSI). Formed Paulsson Geophysical Services, Inc. to commercialize a downhole seismic source developed with CRADA funding from US DOE, GRI, four oil companies and two manufacturing companies. Designed the 400 level 3C downhole seismic receiver array.

Ph.D. in Seismology and Rockmechanics from U.C. Berkeley.

Professional Honors and Awards
Swedish-American Associ., Post-grad. Scholar, the Granges Scholarship, 1976-77
Chevron's Chairman’s Award: Inventing the downhole seismic vibrator, August 1990
SPE Distinguished Lecturer 1992-1993

Professional Affiliations
Society of Exploration Geophysicists, SEG
Chairman of the Development and Production Committee 1992-1994
Chairman of the first SEG D&P Forum, 1991
Chairman of the first SPE/SEG joint pilot forum, 1996
Chairman of the eighth SEG D&P and second SEG/SPE pilot Forum, 1998
Member of Several Organizing Committees for various meetings
American Geophysical Union, AGU, European Association of Exploration Geophysicists, EAEG, International Society of Rock mechanics, ISRM, Society of Petroleum Engineers, SPE

Publications - Björn N.P. Paulsson

Near-wellbore VSP imaging without overburden
Ruiqing He, Martin Karrenbach, Bjorn Paulsson and Vlad Soutyrine, Geophysics, 74 , no. 1, SI9-SI14, (2009)

VSP data‐referenced‐only migration without overburden
Ruiqing He, Martin Karrenbach and Bjorn Paulsson, SEG, Expanded Abstracts, 27 , no. 1, 3405-3409, (2008)

Comparison of 3D VSP and High Resolution Surface Seismic Images for Improved Reservoir Monitoring and Characterization
K. Mueller, W.L. Soroka, SPE, M.N Al Baloushi, O.S. Al Jeelani, B. Paulsson and A. Chavarria (2008)

Preservation of high frequencies in wide‐aperture 3D VSP data from the Middle East
Alex Goertz, J. Andres Chavarria, Björn Paulsson,Martin Karrenbach, Klaus Müller, William Soroka and Mariam Al‐Baloushi, SEG, Expanded Abstracts, 27 , no. 1, 3345-3349, (2008)

The use of VSP techniques for fault zone characterization: An example from the San Andreas Fault
J. Andres Chavarria, Alex Goertz, Martin Karrenbach, Bjorn Paulsson, Paul Milligan, Vlad Soutyrine, Alan Hardin, David Dushman and Lisa LaFlame, The Leading Edge, 26 , no. 6, 770-776, (2007)

Development of a 400 Level 3C Clamped Downhole Seismic Receiver Array for 3D Borehole Seismic Imaging of Gas Reservoirs, Final Report
Björn N.P. Paulsson, DOE/NETL Contract: DE-FC26-01NT41234, September 30, 2006

High Resolution 3D Seismic Imaging Using 3C Data from Large Borehole Seismic Arrays
A. Hardin, P. R. Milligan, A. Goertz,B. Paulsson and M. Karrenbach, Recorder, 30 , no. 7, 5-6, (2005)

Gas Hydrate Exploration with 3D VSP Technology North Slope, Alaska
A. Goertz, D. McGuire, S. Runyon, M. Karrenbach, B. Paulsson and T. Williams, EAGE, Expanded Abstracts, E041-E041, (2005)

Methane Hydrate Production from Alaskan Permafrost, 3D Vertical Seismic Profile Survey
Topical Report, DE-FC26-01NT41331 (Task 12), D. McGuire, T. Williams, B. Paulsson, A. Goertz, (2005)

Optimized 3D VSP survey geometry based on Fresnel zone estimates
Alexander Goertz, Paul Milligan, Martin Karrenbach and Björn Paulsson, SEG, Expanded Abstracts, 24 , no. 1, 2641-2644, (2005)

High resolution 3D seismic imaging using 3C data from large downhole seismic arrays
P. Milligan, A. Hardin, D. McGuire, A. Goertz, B.P. Paulsson, M. Karrenbach and J. O'Brien
First Break, 22 , no. 10, 73-84, (2004)

Gas hydrate exploration with 3D VSP technology, North Slope, Alaska
Donn McGuire, Steve Runyon, Tom Williams, Bjorn Paulsson, Alex Goertz and Martin Karrenbach, SEG, Expanded Abstracts, 23 , no. 1, 2489-2492, (2004)

Quantum Leap in Borehole Seismic Imaging.
Björn N.P. Paulsson and Frances Cole Toro, GasTips Summer 2002

A 3D Massive VSP Survey at Milne Point, Alaska
Sullivan,Claire, Ross, Allan, Lemaux, James, Urban, Dennis, Hornby, Brian, West, Chris, Garing, John, Paulsson, Björn, Karrenbach, Martin, Milligan, Paul. Proc., SEG’s Annual meeting, Salt Lake City, October 6 - 10, 2002

Borehole Data: Closer to the Rocks
Björn Paulsson, Brian Fuller, Martin Karrenbach, Paul Heuermann, Explorer, Geophysical Corner, July 2001.

Borehole seismology - The tool for reservoir characterization and monitoring
B.N.P. Paulsson, Recorder, 25, no. 6, 3-3, (2000)

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