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High-Resolution 3D VSP Processing - An Example From the Middle East
J. Andres Chavarria, Bjorn Paulsson, SPE, Alexander Goertz, Martin Karrenbach, Seismic Reservoir 2020 Inc.; Klaus Mueller, Samer Marmash, Mariam Al-Baloushi, William Soroka, SPE, ADCO

Comparison of 3D VSP and High Resolution Surface Seismic Images for Improved Reservoir Monitoring and Characterization
K. Mueller, W.L. Soroka, SPE, M.N Al Baloushi, O.S. Al Jeelani, B. Paulsson and A. Chavarria

The use of VSP techniques for fault zone characterization: An example from the San Andreas Fault
J. Andres Chavarria, Alex Goertz, Martin Karrenbach, Bjorn Paulsson, Paul Milligan, Vlad Soutyrine, Alan Hardin, David Dushman, and Lisa LaFlame, Paulsson Geophysical Services (P/GSI), Brea, California, USA

High resolution 3D seismic imaging using 3C data from large downhole seismic arrays
Björn Paulsson, Martin Karrenbach, Paul Milligan, Alex Goertz, and Alan Hardin of Paulsson Geophysical Services, with John O’Brien and Don McGuire

Time-lapse VSP reservoir monitoring
John O'Brien, Fiona Kilbride, and Frank Lin, Anadarko Petroleum, Houston, Texas, U.S.
A 3D Massive VSP Survey at Milne Point, Alaska
Claire Sullivan, Allan Ross, James Lemaux, Dennis Urban, Brian Hornby, Chris West, and John Garing, BP Exploration Alaska, Bjorn Paulsson, Martin Karrenbach, and Paul Milligan, Paulsson Geophysical Services, Inc.

Development of a 400-Level 3-Component (3C) Clamped Down-Hole Receiver Array for High Resolution Seismic Imaging of Gas Reservoirs
DE-FC26-01NT41234 ( this is the article on the NETL website)

Development of a 400 Level 3C Clamped Downhole Seismic Receiver Array for 3D Borehole Seismic Imaging of Gas Reservoirs
DE-FC26-01NT41234, (this is the final report) by Bjorn Paulsson

Borehole Data: Closer to the Rocks
Bjorn Paulsson, Brian Fuller, Martin Karrenbach, Paul Heuermann

A Quantum Leap in Borehole Seismic Imaging
Dr. Bjorn N.P. Paulsson P/GSI and Frances Cole Toro DOE/NETL

3D Massive VSP at Wilmington Oil Field, Long Beach Unit
Bjorn Paulsson, Martin Karrenbach, Karen Blake

Gas Hydrate Exploration with 3D VSP Technology, North Slope, Alaska
D. McGuire, S. Runyon, T. Williams, B. Paulsson, A. Goertz, M. Karrenbach
Borehole seismic technology from characterization of earthquake faults
Bjorn N.P. Paulsson, Brian N. Fuller, Martin Karrenbach
Preservation of high frequencies in wide-aperture 3D VSP data from the Middle East.
Alex Goertz, J. Andres Chavarria, Bjorn Paulsson, Martin Karrenbach (P/GSI), Klaus Muller, William Soroka, Samer Marmash and Mariam Al-Baloushi (ADCO)
Near-wellbore VSP imaging without overburden
Ruiqing He, Martin Karrenbach, Bjorn Paulsson, and Vlad Soutyrine
Optimized 3DVSP Survey Geometry
Alexander Goertz, Paul Milligan, Martin Karrenbach and Bj¨orn Paulsson, Paulsson Geophysical Services Inc.
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