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Paulsson, Inc. Permanent Borehole Seismic Arrays

Björn Paulsson designed and installed the largest Permanent Borehole Seismic Arrays ever to have been installed in boreholes. The two 80 level 3C Arrays, for a total of 480 channels, were installed in cased wells using production tubing. These 3C arrays were used to successfully characterize the details of the hydrocarbon reservoir and surrounding formation. The arrays were also used to monitor in detail the changes in the reservoir from the heating and the production of the hydrocarbon. 

This project was published in the Leading Edge:

The Steepbank crosswell seismic project: Reservoir definition and evaluation of steamflood technology in Alberta tar sands
B. N. P. Paulsson, J. A. Meredith, Z. Wang and J. W. Fairborn, The Leading Edge, 13 , no. 7, 737-747, (1994)

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