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3D Images from a Multi Well 3D VSPsurveyPaulsson, Inc. (PI) Brea, CA - 2001
Bjorn Paulsson, Paulsson, Inc.
A Massive 3D VSP in Milne Point, Alaska - 2002
Claire Sullivan, Allan Ross, James Lemaux, Dennis Urban, Brian Hornby, Chris West, and John Garing, BP Exploration Alaska Bjorn Paulsson, Martin Karrenbach, and Paul Milligan, Paulsson Geophysical Services, Inc.
Gas Hydrate Exploration with 3D VSP Technology, North Slope, Alaska - 2004
Donn McGuire, Anadarko Petroleum Corp. Steve Runyon & Tom Williams, Maurer Technology, Inc. Björn Paulsson, Alex Goertz & Martin Karrenbach, P/GSI
Time-Lapse Monitoring of CO2 Injection with Vertical Seismic Profiles (VSP) at the Frio Project - 2005
T.M. Daley, L.R. Myer*, G.M. Hoversten and E.L. Majer all at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.
Characterization of the San Andreas Fault at Parkfield Using a Massive 3D VSP - 2005
J. Andres Chavarria, Alex Goertz, Martin Karrenbach, Paul Milligan, Bjorn Paulsson
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