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Why use Fiber Optic Technology ?

Fiber optic sensors are more sensitive
Fiber optic sensors have an improved high frequency fidelity allowing better data analysis
Many more channels are possible
No electric equipment needed making the system intrinsically safe
More reliable since no electronics used at the sensor
Small transducer package making it harder to detect
Rugged design for hostile environments

Paulsson Inc. (PI) provides
Fiber Optic Security System that can be applied to:

Fence Monitoring and Tunnel Detection
PI is providing PI Passive buried fiber optic tunnel detection system. Allows permanent installation without batteries or buried electronics.
Border and Perimeter Monitoring
PI offers an all-in-one fiber optic monitoring system that includes a multi-zone fiber optic sensor cable, an optical interrogator, and an acoustic signal processor for target classification
Pipeline Monitoring
The system’s simplicity is enhanced by the fact that the sensor cable attached to the fence or pipe line requires no electronics, no electrical power, no periodic calibration and no maintenance in the field.
Harbor Security
PI offers an Undersea Accoustical System.

Mining Operation Monitoring
PI match the new Mine Safety Law requirements (by 2009):

Survivable  2-way communications
Continuous worker position  location
Meet MSHA Requirements
Explosion proof or inherently safe
Passive/no electricity is preferred
PI to delivered prototype in a mine for CDC/NIOSH Q4 2008
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