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Fence Monitoring and Tunnel Detection

PI’s TDM Tamper Alert System is an all fiber-optic monitoring system specially designed for chain link, welded wire, rigid fences and pipelines.  Tamper Alert is a highly sensitive, accurate Microphonic Fiber Optic monitoring system specifically designed to detect:

Perimeter security fence tampering
Cutting and/or climbing, or
Digging around a security fence.
Tampering with pipelines or pipeline leaks

The system is based on proven Microphonic Fiber Optic Cable sensor technology originally developed to detect silent running submarines at long range.  Microphonic Fiber Optic Cable is the most sensitive fiber optic cable available, many times more sensitive than any single mode or multi mode system currently on the market. Every inch of the sensor cable is acoustically sensitive ensuring that there are no gaps in the coverage. The system uses sophisticated automatic signal processing techniques for event classification, and the rejection of false alarms.
The TDM Tamper Alert System has been designed to cost effectively monitor very long fence lines or pipe lines.  The simplicity of the systems architecture provides optimal intrusion detection performance and easy expandability for these large applications.  A basic system consists of two main building blocks:  a rugged, low cost all‐optical sensor cable that is easily attached to any installed perimeter fence or pipeline with simple nylon tie wraps; and a central processor unit (TDM Interrogator) coupled with an alarm display screen located at an indoor monitoring station.  The TDM Central Processor has the capability to monitor a fence line or pipe line up to 50 Km in length.  A single TDM central processor can monitor up to 128 individual zones, and individual zones can be up to 1,000 meters in length, as show in the diagram below:

Tunnel Detection - How it Works

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