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Consulting Services in Electric and ElectroMagnetic (EM) Geophysical Methods

Consulting and Consulting QC Services for borehole and shallow marine seismic pre acquisition modeling, survey planning, survey acquisition and data processing.
The QC services the Paulsson companies provide extend the entire range of services from review of contracts to onsite 24 hour per day monitoring of the acquisition of 3D VSP and marine surveys. The range of QC consulting services include review and analysis of the planning and the acquisition of borehole seismic and shallow marine surveys. It also includes review and analysis of the processing of the recorded data and interpretation of the final images.

The particular QC services PI offers include:

  1. Survey scope review including review of the modeling studies performed by 3rd party.
  2. Survey planning review and evaluation.
  3. Survey acquisition on site review and evaluation.
  4. Survey instrumentation review and evaluation prior to the survey, during the survey and after the survey is completed.
  5. Data processing review in any detail required.
  6. Data interpretation review in any detail required.

Dr. Björn Paulsson performed time lapse borehole seismic surveys already in 1977, published in 1985, making him the most experienced professional in the oil and gas industry in the field of time lapse seismic imaging. Dr. Paulsson initiated the borehole seismic monitoring of sites for the storage of high level nuclear waste. When Dr. Paulsson joined Chevron in 1984 he started Chevron borehole seismic program which later became the largest borehole seismic program of any of the large international oil companies.
While at Chevron he performed a number of innovating borehole seismic surveys including very large offset marine VSP surveys and time lapse borehole seismic surveys many which have been published (examples: 1992, 1994) in the US, Canada and Indonesia. Björn Paulsson, now with Paulsson Inc. served as the internal QC acquisition and processing consultant for Paulsson Geophysical Services from 1997 until 2008. Paulsson Geophysical conducted 3D VSP surveys in a total of over 50 wells during this 11 year period. Dr. Paulsson is thus the most experienced QC professional in the world in the field of 3D borehole seismic surveying and imaging.

Paulsson International (PI) worked with a large Middle East Oil Company in the middle of 2009 providing QC services of the largest 3D VSP ever recorded anywhere in the world. Dr. Paulsson from PI was instrumental in securing the necessary data volume and data quality for the Operator in order for the survey to yield the necessary images to be used for the processing of the concurrently acquired surface seismic data.


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