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Modeling services in the field of borehole and shallow marine seismology.

The Paulsson Companies (PI) offer offers seismic modeling services using RadExPro Plus Advanced and Norsar software commercial packages as well as proprietary seismic modeling technology. The commercial software packages are well known and highly respected in the oil and gas industry. PI will combine its unique experience with these outstanding software packages to assure that any surveys will meet the objectives of the Operator.

PI will work closely with the Operator to fully evaluate and document the objectives with the 3D VSP and shallow marine seismic survey. After the objectives are evaluated and documented PI will work with Operator to assure that the 3D VSP or shallow marine seismic survey is optimally designed to yield desired image volume and fold distribution. This process is an iterative process since the coverage and fold depend on many factors including the source array, receiver array and velocity distribution in the area imaged.





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