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Paulsson, Inc. Permanent Marine Seismic Arrays

Paulsson, Inc. is the exclusive representative, reseller and support organization for the RadExPro Plus Advancedsoftware for VSP and 2D surface seismic processing from DECO Geophysical in all the Americas (North, Central and South). Paulsson, Inc. is also selling and supporting the software outside the Americas.

For more information on this software please visit the DECO website  or contact Dr. Bjorn Paulsson at

Paulsson, Inc. is offering demo licenses of the RadExPro Plus Advanced software on the following terms:

Demo license is free of charge.
Demo license will allow 50 activations of the software .
Demo license period will be 60 days from the time the dongle is received from Paulsson, Inc. This dongle must be returned to Paulsson, Inc. after the trial period .
The Demo license will be supported by up to two hours of software technical support from Paulsson, Inc. free of charge during the demo period.
Processing and processing consulting by Paulsson, Inc. per separate proposal and contract.

If you decide to purchase the software after the demo period Paulsson, Inc. is offering the software on the following terms:

The RadExPro Plus Advanced software is the most cost effective VSP and Seismic processing package on the market. The price includes one year of software technical support via e-mail (preferred) and phone .
Following the first year the yearly software technical support is 18% of the original purchase price.
Geophysical consulting, including writing custom code for clients, and processing services by Paulsson, Inc. per separate contracts .
Paulsson, Inc. is using the RadExPro Plus software as the base processing system for our own processing. Paulsson selected RadExPro Plus for our own processing business after technically evaluating all the commercial VSP processing packages. Paulsson, Inc. is building our own high level processing routines such as interferometric imaging on top of the RadExPro Plus. Some of the Paulsson software is available to selected customers under teaming contracts.
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