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Paulsson, Inc.

Paulsson, Inc. offers Extremely Accurate Sub-Surface Surveying and Monitoring (EASSM™) using State-Of-The-Art fiber optic Vector Sensor Technologies.

We are the Sole World-Wide Provider of the High-Frequency High-Fidelity Fiber Optic Seismic Vector Sensor (FOSVS) Technologies and the Fiber Optic High Pressure and High Temperature Large Sensor Array (FOLSA) systems.


Paulsson, Inc. is a vertically integrated energy services company located in Van Nuys, CA. We invent, design, manufacture, and deploy fiber optic sensors and develop data driven algorithms and process recorded data.

Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS)

Paulsson, Inc. provides surveying, monitoring and characterization of high temperature geothermal reservoirs at temperatures up to 600°F (300°C+), and pressures up to 20,000 psi (137 MPa) using its proprietary optical vector seismic and pressure sensors and proprietary 3D and time-lapse processing.

Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS)

Paulsson, Inc. provides surveying, monitoring and real-time in-field data analysis of carbon storage reservoirs using its proprietary fiber optic sensors, interrogators and processing technologies.

Underground Gas Storage (UGS)

Our technologies can characterize geological gas storage facilities in high-resolution, monitor small casing gas leaks, and geological interbed gas flows, as well as monitor the structural integrity of critical equipment with extreme sensitivity and precision.

Gas Pipeline Monitoring (NG, H2, Hythane, and CO2)

Our technology is perfectly suited for monitoring Natural Gas (NG), emerging Hydrogen (H2), and Carbon dioxide (CO2) infrastructure including pipelines, gas storage reservoirs, and production facilities. We currently have an existing project with NREL to perform hydrogen pipeline monitoring.

Sustainable Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery (EOR)

Paulsson, Inc. specializes in inventing, designing, developing, and manufacturing geophysics related monitoring equipment, with over 100 years of experience and systems deployed in multiple countries around the world.

Rapid Prototyping and Contract Machining

Paulsson, Inc. has a highly skilled and experienced team of engineers and machinists operating a state-of-the-art prototyping and micro-capable machining facility. We specialize in rapid-prototyping and testing to deliver best-in-class custom products with emphasis on swift and continuous communication with the client to meet the needs and desired specifications. Paulsson has built out a tried-and-true system to bring a client’s product from concept to production.

Infrastructure Monitoring (Rails, Bldgs, Bridges, Dams)

In addition to sub-surface applications, Paulsson, Inc. provides advanced fiber optic sensors for monitoring and diagnostics of above ground commercial high rise, energy related and transport infrastructures.

Clients & Projects

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Highly versatile state-of-the-art in-house micro-capable machine shop allows Paulsson, Inc. to manufacture both our proprietary products and custom-made solutions to fit your applications.

Our imaging and monitoring products bridge technological gap between high-precision drilling and the need for high-accuracy imaging and monitoring.

Fiber Optic High Pressure and High Temperature Sensor Arrays (FOPTSA)

Paulsson, Inc. offers a world’s first high pressure and high temperature non-electronic all-optical pressure sensor arrays currently capable of measuring 10.0 – 20,000 psi and 15 – 400°F (~200°C) for both vertical and horizontal boreholes.

Fiber Optic Seismic Vector Sensors (FOSVS)

Paulsson, Inc. has the capability of providing many optical solutions, including DTS, DAS, and ultra-sensitive 3C vector sensor arrays for deployment in the harshest of conditions in both vertical and horizontal boreholes.

Optical Hydrophones
Enhanced Distributed Acoustic Sensors (EDAS)
Enhanced Distributed Strain Sensors (EDSS)
Distributed Temperature Sensors (DTS)

1D/2D/3D/4D VSP and surface seismic processing software

Paulsson, Inc. utilizes both commercial and custom software solutions when processing seismic data from both geophone and fiber optic sensors. We also offer machine learning capability when sorting passive data for monitoring solutions such as Distributed Acoustic Sensing for both borehole and pipeline applications.

Conventional High Temperature Boreholes Geophone Arrays

Paulsson, Inc. offers 3-Component (3C) high-temperature geophone arrays for borehole deployment, data collection and processing. Systems comprising up to 100 pods are available for the most challenging applications.


About Our Founder

Björn N. P. Paulsson

With more than 32 years of experience with Advanced Borehole Seismology, Bjorn started the borehole seismic research program for US Dept. of Energy for site characterization for nuclear waste storage, as well as heading Chevron’s borehole seismic research program.

President & CEO, 4/2009 – Present, Paulsson, Inc. (PI).
Formed Paulsson, Inc. to continue to work in the field of Advanced Borehole Seismology.

President & CEO, 3/1997 – 4/2009, Paulsson Geophysical Services, Inc. (P/GSI).
Bjorn formed Paulsson Geophysical Services, Inc. to commercialize a downhole seismic source developed with CRADA funding from US DOE, GRI, four oil companies and two manufacturing companies. Under Bjorn, P/GSI also designed and manufactured a 400-level 3C downhole seismic receiver array.


Geophysics Surveying and Monitoring

Paulsson, Inc. will combine its unique experience with its advanced hardware and software packages capable of real-time processing to assure that any surveys will meet the objectives of the clients – operators.

      • Geophysics Services
      • Modeling
      • Data Acquisition
      • Data Processing
      • Data Interpretation
      • High-Temperature Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) Site Characterization
      • Carbon Capture Site Sequestration (CCUS) Characterization
      • Rapid Prototyping
      • Contract Machining
      • Consulting Services
      • Consulting Quality Control
      • Consulting in Mechanical, Electric, and ElectroMagnetic (EM) Geophysical Methods

Fiber Optic Technologies

Paulsson, Inc. has the capability of providing a number of optical solutions, including high pressure and high temperature pressure sensors arrays, ultra-sensitive 3C vector sensors arrays, Enhanced DAS (EDAS™) and DTS, for deployment in the harshest of well conditions.

With the highest pressure and temperature rating available on the market today, along with high sensitivity pressure sensor, Paulsson, Inc. fiber optics technologies have been used for:

      • Geothermal wells
      • Carbon sequestration
      • Advanced oil recovery
      • Micro seismic monitoring

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